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What is an NBI Online Registration Form?

In simple terms, NBI is the short form of the National Bureau of Investigation. It is an Agency under the umbrella of the Philippines ministry of Justice, that supervises the legal process/terms of immigration and citizenry in the country. NBI has its headquarters in Manila, Philippines.

NBI online registration form, is therefore a form you fill online that gives you access to travel, study, work or procure citizenship in the Philippines. It involves a series of processes that will be discussed below.

Information Required on an NBI Online Registration Form

During NBI clearance form online registration, you will be required to provide some essential documents to verify your identity. The required documents include:

  • Your ID number: This is very important as it proves your citizenship.
  • Your birth certificate: This provides your date of birth and your infant details. Please note that you must be 18 years old and above before you can obtain an NBI clearance form.
  • Occupation: you would have to include what you do for a living here.
  • Reason for applying for citizenry in the country: Is it for working, schooling, or business purposes?
  • Details of your relatives: This is necessary to give an insight into your roots and people that could be asked about you, in case of an emergency.
  • Description of your physique: here you state your height, complexion, and facial attributes.

How to Fill NBI Online Registration Form

You don't need to visit the NBI clearance office before you get your NBI clearance form. With your computer and access to the internet, you can easily fill an NBI clearance application form online and get registered.

Go to the NBI clearance website, carefully fill in the online application form. We've explained what each box meant to simplify your online application process.

But before we proceed, you should know what an NBI online registration form looks like. Check it out below.

Overview of the NBI online registration form

In this article, we have divided the NBI online registration form into sections for simplicity.

Read on to know what each box designates;

Section A:

This is the topmost part of the form as shown below;

Part 1 of the NBI online registration form, OR Number, Clearance Processing Center; Branch

It contains 3 boxes, namely;

OR Number: This is for cashier's use only, do not fill it.

Clearance Processing Center; Branch: Enter the branch you want to process your application.

Date: Enter the date of application.

Section B:

This is the largest section of the NBI registration form. Here you should enter your personal details and contact information.

Part 2 of the NBI online registration form, general information

The boxes include;

ID presented: Here, enter your identity number.

Sex: Your gender is required here.

Civil status: This implies your marital status; single, married, divorced or widowed.

Box 1 of the NBI online registration form, id, sex, civil status

Purpose: NBI officials want to know the reason why you want an NBI clearance form. This may be for employment, study or travel purposes.

Last Name: Enter your last name here. This is also your surname.

Husband's Surname for married woman: Enter the surname of your husband here if you are a married woman.

First Name: Fill the box with your first name.

Middle Name: Include your middle name if you have one.

Nickname: Do your friends and colleagues call you a particular name that you have not written before? Then, enter it here.

Other name or AKA: AKA means also known as; if you are popularly known as another name, fill the box with it.

blank field for Purpose: Last Name: Nickname, etc

Present Address: Where do you live? Fill the box with your home address.

Date of Birth: Enter the month, date and year you were born. Please note the order.

Place of Birth: Fill in the box with the name of the town you were born in.

Highest Educational Attainment: Enter the highest academic certificate you have obtained here.

Contact Number: Enter your Telephone number here.

E-mail Address: Do you have a valid email address? Enter it here. If you don't have one, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to create one via your Gmail app.

blank field for Highest Educational Attainment, Present Address, etc

Section C:

This is the second-largest section of the NBI online registration form. You are to provide more information about yourself and your identity in this section.

blank field for Citizenship, Scars/Marks/Peculiarity, etc.

Section C contains the following boxes:

Citizenship Are you a Philippine or an alien? Fill this box with the name of your country.

Scars/Marks/Peculiarity: if you have any unusual habit or marks on your body, indicate it here.

Completion: Indicate whether you are dark or fair in completion.

Religion: Indicate your belief or religion here.

Height: This box allows you to enter your height in either inches or centimetres. Simply fill the box with your height.

Name of husband or wife: The name of your spouse is required here. Also, enter his/ her date of birth in the box beside it.

Name of father: Enter the name of your father plus his date of birth in the subsequent box.

Name of Mother (Maiden Name): The name of your mother's father is required here.

blank field for citizenship, height, etc.

Fill the next boxes only if you are a foreigner.

Applicant is allien: Tick the small box.

Passport or ACR name: ACR means Alien Certificate of Registration - fill the box with the name on it or the name on your passport.

Address Abroad: Your home address in your country.

Passport Number: Fill the boxes with your passport number plus the date and place it was issued.

ACR Number: Fill the boxes with your ACR number plus the date and place it was issued.

Section D:

blank field for Address Abroad: ACR Number, etc.

This is the last section of the application form.

blank field for Sundry Information, signature, etc.

For NBI Use Only; Remarks: Do not fill this box.

Sundry Information: Provide the information about your miscellaneous things here.

Signature of Applicant: Sign here.

What is an NBI Online Registration Form Used For?

For acquiring a student's visa: the NBI registration form gives you access to the procurement of a student's visa. Since it contains your details, it's a good record of your intentions. It's an important requirement for all who aspire to study in the Philippines.

For Employment: For all who intend to relocate and work in the Philippines NBI registration is a must for you.


Business purposes

For a change in personal details: Just like we have the National Identity Commission in Nigeria, the NBI keeps a record of your data and in case you wish to make any corrections, the registration form helps you with that.

Who Needs an NBI Online Registration Form?

NBI online registration is for everyone who wishes to travel to the Philippines or to apply for a job, studentship, or employment purposes. There are no age, race, or national limitations. You can access the form online and apply at your convenience.

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